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Data center equipment is becoming smaller and more powerful by the day. The arrival of high-density blade servers was a game changer. Computing power that once fit into several cabinets can now fit in a single rack. Instead of less than 4kW per rack, high-density solutions now draw upwards of 20kW per rack. High-density hosting can be attractive for companies with intensive processing requirements. Industries such as banking, pharmaceutical and gaming all enjoy the benefits high-density capacity. Because of our high-density capacity, our customers have a smaller footprint with greater reliability. In addition, our customers also enjoy lower installation and operational costs.

Virtual Citadel High Density Hosting
Virtual Citadel High Density Hosting
Virtual Citadel High Density Hosting

Our infrastructure is solid

Located within minutes from Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport and downtown Atlanta, Godby Road data center is a purpose-built, 48,000 sq. ft., one story facility built slab on grade with a steel frame and brick façade. 


Connectivity to the Internet is assured by multiple dark fiber rings into our data centers Telco rooms through diverse entry points. Multi-gigabit connectivity is used to link our data centers to each other and to connect upstream providers to our own network. Our team monitors the data center and network operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.




  • 5 Acres Land w/ Perimeter Security Fencing
  • 48k SF Building
  • 16k SF Raised Floor 24” UnderFloor
  • Large Office Space
  • Over-sized loading dock
  • Minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport


  • Dual Georgia Power Grid Feeds from DIVERSE Grids
  • Two (2) 3000AMP Services
  • Two (2) 2.5 megawatts Committed Power
  • UPS N+1 (2.3 megawatts total)
  • Two (2) 750kVA (400KVA units being replaced)
  • Two (2) 400kVA

Generators N+1 (2 MegaWatts Total)

  • 2x 1 MegaWatt
  • Stubbed for 2 additional Generators in future
  • Diesel Fuel: 10k Gallon Fuel Tank (Underground)

Dual Entry (E + W) Fiber

  • Zayo
  • ATT (4 Diverse Central Office Routes)
  • TWTC/Level3


  • Perimeter Secured Fence
  • 24x7 Security Guard
  • Card Readers
  • BioMetric
  • Cameras

Air Conditioning  N+1

  • Trane Centrifugal Chillers (900 ton Total)
  • Dedicated Chilled Water Cooling System (50 Ton Total)
  • Dedicated 15k Gallon Water Tank (1 week without city water)
  • Smoke Detection above and below floors
Virtual Citadel High Density Hosting
Virtual Citadel Atlanta Colo
Virtual Citadel High Density Hosting